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    Quarry Solutions operates fixed quarries in the northern New South Wales region. Read More
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  • 10mm AGG

    Aggregate 10mm

    Clean rock for use in drainage applications and concrete mixes

    Can also be used for

    • Landscape / Decorative
    • Concrete Products
    • Asphalt Products
    • Backfill
    • Concrete Blocks
    • Filter Material
    • Pipes Manufacture
    • Road Sealing Applications
    • Tile Manufacture
    • Drainage Materials
  • Ballast


    Used for drainage and is a base platform for railway line construction.

    Can also be used for

    • Drainage Materials
    • Rail Ballast
    • Gabion Baskets
    • Slope Stabilisation
    • Hard Stand
  • Gabion

    Gabion/Revetment Rock Fill

    Gabion is used for drainage, features and structural works

    Can be used for

    • Bank Stabilisation
    • Land Reclamation
    • Landscaping
    • Stone Feature Walls
    • Gabion Baskets
  • DGS40

    DGS40 Roadbase

    DGS40 is a densely graded base material compliant with RMS specification 3051. It is widely used as a roadbase material for developments, councils and RMS.

    Can also be used for

    • Under Concrete Slabs
    • Hard Stand Areas
    • Car Parks
    • Road / Pavement Construction
    • Driveways
    • Footpaths
    • Under Curb & Channel
    • Access Tracks
    • Under Pavers